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WADA anti-doping Code 2009

WADA Anti-Doping Code is the  basic document on how anti-doping work shall be carried out and coordinated.



WADA Int.Standard Laboratories 2009

WADA Int.Standard Laboratories is document that describes how the WADA laboratories have to work and the rules they have to follow. Here you can also find how the handling of blood and urine samples has to be carried out etc.




WADA TD 2009 EPOcontains the quality control and there quirements set for a positive sample.There is a separate section for all the different EPO forms. You can find the identification criteria for a positive CERA sample under section 3.2.4.



The report for the A-sample

The A-report SAMPLE CODE 3511158, INTERNAL LABORATORY CODE: 10E003 A4433. This report contains the analyses performed on the A-sample, i.e. 3 analyses with the IEF method.



The report for the B-sample 

The B-report SAMPLE CODE 3511158, INTERNAL LABORATORY CODE 10E003 B4433. This report contains the analyses performed on the B-sample, i.e. 2 analyses with the IEF method and 1 analysis with the SDS-PAGE method. Please note that what is called the A- and B-samples are from the same urine sample.



Presentation by Anti-doping Norway

The PowerPoint presentation shown by Anti-doping Norway during the anti-doping hearing in Oslo, Norway; 11th - 13th January, 2011.




The following 3 documents were delivered by the Head of the doping laboratories in Rome, Paris and Seibersdorf to the CAS trial held in Lausanne 28th - 29th June, 2011.


Statement Prof. Francesco Botre Part1, Part 2

Prof. Francesco Botre responsible for the laboratory in Rome performing all analyses of the A- and B-sample. Statement signed on 23rd june, 2011


Statement Prof. Francoise Lasne

Prof. Francoise Lasne responsible for the laboratory in Paris signing that she agreed on the conclusions drawn by the Rome laboratory on 22nd June, 2011 


Expert opinion delivered by Dr. Günter Gmeiner

Expert opinion delivered by Dr. Günter Gmeiner to the CAS trial held in Lausanne. Dr. Gunter Gmeiner responsible for the laboratory in Seibersdorf signing that he agreed on the conclusions drawn by the Rome laboratory on 22nd June, 2011




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